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It's here!

Here's a nice comparison shot, Japanese cover on the left, English on the right (in case that wasn't obvious). The English version is slightly less wide and tall and the dust jacket is the actual cover for the English release. The Japanese version has a dust jacket (which is what you're looking at) so the English version takes the images from that and not the actual covers on the book--more on that later. I'm so happy they went with "Glory of the Losers" and not "Glory of the Defeated", idk I just like how it sounds.

Overall the translation is fine and pretty faithful to the original. One thing I take a bit of issue with is their choice in "mass slaughter" instead of something like "mass murder" or "mass genocide". For some reason "mass slaughter" just...doesn't sound natural to me, especially in the line, "I'll be a God of Death instead of the hero of mass slaughter any day." (Especially when that line is from Endless Waltz and Duo states he'd rather be the God of Death over being the hero of a massacre.) Outside of that nitpick I don't have anything negative to say re: English translation.

Iiiiif this is your first time with Glory of Losers, it's a reboot of Gundam Wing and, as a result, is somewhat different. The storyline has been streamlined so a lot of "unnecessary" things are taken out or changed to fit a little better--this especially comes into play later on where subplots are omitted and changed around. The nice thing about GoL is it integrates Episode Zero as it was intended. Right off the bat, we get a flash to Duo's "good and bad memories" of V-08744, though no actual details, it's still enough to give you feels if you know Duo's backstory. We also get his flashback in EW where he tries to blow up Deathscythe and is unsuccessful.

Also in this reboot: Frozen Teardrop references. Yes. I know. Right now they're not too glaring because it's all the After Colony FT stuff, which I never took issue with. Heero calls the suit that Zechs is piloting a Greif, which is a Leo IV and in a nutshell is just a Leo prototype that looks real close to the suit it was based off of, Tallgeese. Why does Heero know what that even is? We'll get to that when that volume of GoL comes out.

Duo sees Heero get on OZ's radar and calls him an idiot, so Duo right off the bat knows that there is at least one other person doing something they probably shouldn't be doing. He doesn't know that he's a Gundam pilot, but it explains why Duo shows up later outside of salvaging Wing Gundam. Duo likes following Heero around, I guess.

When we're introduced to Heero and Relena, it's actually towards the end of what would have been episode two, where Relena sees Heero setting up the torpedoes and confronts him. "But wait, Karu, what about their entire interactions in episode one?! There's no way they removed Heero's infamous line!" It's in a flashback, actually. Relena sees him at the beach. He wakes up and asks her, "What did you see?" He GTA's an ambulance, shows up at her school, and introduces himself as Heero Yuy. Relena still has her "My name is Relena Darlian, what's yours?" scene and we are given another flashback to the "star prince" scene from her Episode Zero at the same time. We still get the end of episode 1, where Heero rips up her invitation and Relena asks why. Heero says, "I will kill you," instead of "I'll kill you" which, to me, sounds a bit more formal or like that line from TAKEN.

BTW Heero still looks mighty fine in the St Gabe's uniform:

(The struggle to take pics of something that doesn't lie flat is real.)

Anyway Duo still shoots Heero in the arm:

That sure is some blood.

One scene that differs from the anime is the shot Heero takes to the leg. In the anime, Heero's leg is just grazed by Duo's bullet, because Duo is aiming for the gun that Heero is trying to grab on the ground. In Glory of Losers...

...Duo just shoots him in the leg outright because fuck you, Heero.

I mean compare that to this:

Who needs that leg he has another amirite.

Other Frozen Teardrop that makes an appearance in this volume: the scene with Howard and a young Treize, where Treize remarks that he's going to pilot Tallgeese one day, but that he doesn't like the colour scheme of it, and wants it to be painted more "elegant" colours (but then neglects to list what those colours might be).

Duo looks up who Relena is which is important to something in a later volume, and figures that she must somehow be involved with this rebellion, because what else would some rich girl want with someone like Heero? (Interesting foreshadowing.)

Volume 1 covers episodes 1-3 with, as I mentioned, changes and switching things around and what not. It makes sense, because otherwise these volumes would be really thick and full of things that you really...don't need to read about. The TV show was a TV show and required a bit more "filler" per episode, but that's cut out more the most part or otherwise streamlined to be shorter or combined with something else.

Another change I feel I should note if you're not involved in the gunpla scene: all of the Gundams have some kind of tweaks. The TV series Gundams? Completely retconned. They're all less clunky save for Heavyarms, which has an entire missile factory on it, and bigger weaps in general. Wing Gundam in particular is pretty sweet looking, with much bigger wings and they're just more aesthetically pleasing. The only Gundam that makes any appearance in GoL in its TV series form would be Wing Zero, which is called Proto-Zero in this. Proto-Zero later on becomes Wing Zero as seen in Endless Waltz after some upgrades that Howard does. But even Proto-Zero has a slightly more updated appearance in that it's less chunky, which makes it more aesthetically pleasing since previously I thought the suit was kind of ugly. (The master grade Proto-Zero gunpla kit is GORGEOUS and probably my favourite kit I've built.)

SO as I mentioned earlier, the Japanese version has Actual Covers and then a dust jacket. Well. The actual covers feature gorgeous sketchy illustrations of different main characters. So of course volume one features Heero, and looks like this:

I've posted I think up to volume 10 on my Tumblr in high res if anyone is interested. But look at how gorgeous this is. (The gap is where the spine of the book would be.) Does this mean we miss out on this and have to hope they release an artbook so we can enjoy it? No. They included them in the manga volume right before the credits page:

Granted it's now in black and white but hey, no annoying spine gap!

One thing not included from the dust jacket are the chibi versions of each character that appeared on the back flap. Volume one was Heero:

But that's not something you would even know about unless you own the Japanese versions of it.

At some point I will do a more in-depth TV series vs Glory of Losers comparison complete with meta, but for this I just wanted to focus more on the actual manga.

Is this worth picking up? Absolutely. The MSRP is $12.95, but I bought it on Amazon for $9.17 (which might differ since I am a Prime member), and I preordered it so I don't know if the price will end up changing. You can also pick it up from Right Stuf for cheaper than MSRP I believe.
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From: [personal profile] thenicochan
I actually thought about Gundam Wing the other day, and how I wanted to rewatch the series as an adult. I only ever saw it when it was airing on Cartoon Network, so I'm sure the finer details (read: everything) went over my head. Of course, when I think of Wing I always think of you, and BAM! There you are with a post about Wing related material. I don't wanna alarm you, but I might be a wizard.

I sorta-kinda know what Frozen Teardrop is, but not in any sort of semi-comprehensive sense. I had no idea that Wing was being rebooted! I'm actually excited for it! I'll have to pick this up. Have all the volumes been released in the east, and if so, how many are there?

Really love the art as a whole. Great stuff.
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thenicochan: {...} from Hanna is Not a Boy's Name (Default)
From: [personal profile] thenicochan
You can bet you'll be the first person I update when I start watching it. But I have a feeling you already knew that.

Ahhhh, okay. Very cool! To your knowledge, has Glory of Losers spanned the entire reach of the original series? Or will it go beyond even that?

I might not be able to with my next check, but I'd like to pick up Volume 1 ASAP haha. Which... would be the first manga I've bought in like almost ten years... maybe longer.
Date: 2017-07-20 03:18 pm (UTC)

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*thumbs up*

Good and comprehensive write-up. Some of my new fandom friends here on DW would be really into this.


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